David E. Anstrand, RA, REFP

David Anstrand is Manheim Township School District's architect. The school district serves 5,200 suburban Lancaster, Pennsylvania students in eight buildings totaling over a million square feet. Under his direction, the district has completed in excess of $28,000,000 in new and renovated construction. The John Henry Neff Schools, a renovation of two older buildings, won the 1997 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. A third application of geothermal heat pump technology at Schaeffer Elementary School is under construction. He has been an advocate of smaller schools. The two most recent renovation projects preserve small, 350 student, neighborhood schools. Manheim Township School District has begun planning the renovation/new construction of its 1600 student high school.

He is past-president of The Council of Educational Facilities Planners International, Northeast Region. He has been a presenter at various conferences across the country. His special interests include the multidisciplinary nature of the planning and design process and the design of high performance buildings. In collaboration with Edward Kirkbride, he has developed the Education Environment Program (EEP) addressing the community environment, learning environment and the physical environment as a "trilogy" to be investigated as an integrated planning and design process. He has also been a pioneer in the use of geothermal heat pump technology in Pennsylvania public schools. 

David is a registered architect and recognized educational facilities planner (REFP). He has spent the last thirty-five years practicing planning, urban design and architecture. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree (with distinction) from the University of Minnesota and Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

David E. Anstrand, RA, REFP
District Architect
Manheim Township School District
School Road, PO Box 5134
Lancaster, PA 17606-5134
Phone: 717 560-3095
Fax: 717 560-3101 

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