Edward E. Kirkbride, NCARB, REFP

Edward E. Kirkbride is an architecture, planning and programming consultant for educational facilities. His consulting practice is underpinned by 38 years as a Principal of architectural firms focused on school facilities work. His consulting practice provides opportunities to directly support educational institutions, including urban schools, and professional organizations. He also provides consulting expertise to other architects and planners.

In collaboration with David Anstrand, Ed Kirkbride has developed the Education Environment Program (EEP) for educational facilities to incorporate multiple disciplines into an orderly planning and design process. Working closely with "Green Schools" and "Service Learning" programs, Ed has been building bridges between architects, planners and educators by exploring and creating educational facilities as "High Performance Textbooks". 

During his tenure as Council of Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI) Northeast Region President and Co-founder and President of the Urban Education Facilities for the 21st Century (UEF-21), Ed Kirkbride has been an active leader, writer and innovative sharer of ideas. Encouraged by Mr. Kirkbride's leadership, a number of organizations are now promoting "High Performance Schools", "Breaking Ranks", "Brain Based Learning Environments", and other important educational initiatives including the focus on urban educational facilities issues. He received the NE Region's Distinguished Service Award and Council of Education Facilities International's highly coveted Presidents Award "for tireless enthusiasm and inherent ability to develop innovative concepts... truly representing the goals of the Council."

Mr. Kirkbride earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics at Ripon College, a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Pennsylvania and studied architecture and urban planning in Italy as a Fulbright Fellow. As a Principal and Practitioner he has programmed, designed and administered construction of more than 100 educational facilities.

Edward E. Kirkbride, NCARB, REFP
Educational Architectural Consultant
Kirkbride Associates
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Downingtown, PA 19335
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