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School House Journal, Volume 2 Issue 1     2/20/99

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4 High School Success
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SHJournal 1, 12/99
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Late last year, Schoolhouse Journal announced the formation of  UEF21 as a chapter of CEFPI. Within a few short months, our organization, through the efforts of its many members and Committee chairpersons, has made significant progress toward implementing our mission and serving as a powerful voice for the improvement of urban educational facilities.

First, UEF21 conducted a very successful all-day workshop at Columbia University. The workshop helped define and refine our goals and objectives.

Second, we established a Web presence, www.designshare.com, to get our message out to a national and international audience.

Third, our officers and members have been very active promoting many important issues. This includes the work of David Anstrand and Joyce Lee in the area of geothermal energy and sustainable schools, and the continued excellent work of Randy Fielding, UEF21 Communications Co-chair, who has promoted UEF activities through the Design Share website.

Fourth, UEF21 has forged a positive relationship with School Planning and Management magazine. Important and emerging urban educational facility issues are being covered by SP&M magazine. Look for Ed Kirkbride’s pieces in the December ’98 and January ’99 issues and an article on school facility assessment by Prakash Nair in a future issue.

Fifth, at the international level, UEF21 has initiated a partnership with the AIA’s Committee of Architecture for Education (CAE) and OECD’s Programme for Educational Building (PEB) resulting in a major international symposium scheduled for October 1999 (see page 3).

Sixth, we are strengthening and expanding the influence of CEFPI, our parent organization, as a significant resource and contributor to the special needs of urban educational facilities.

Seven, we are acting as catalysts in the efforts of urban tertiary institutions such as Columbia Univ., Cornell Univ., NJIT, Johns Hopkins Univ., Arizona State Univ., the Univ. of Minnesota and others taking direct action to improve their community schools.

spacer7w.gif (62 bytes) The mission of UEF is to promote the development of urban educational facilities that provide the best possible learning environment for children.

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Finally, we are building bridges with our communities by partnering with innovative public and private entities involved in solving urban school problems. All in all, an impressive record indeed for a fledgling organization. Our success is not only a tribute to the hard work of many individuals, but also confirms the importance of our mission and the widespread support it has garnered.

Important Educational Trends with Facility Implications

School Choice & Urban School
Changing Racial/Ethnic Demography
Multicultural Education
Charter Schools
Smaller Schools & Class Sizes
Schools with a Focus
Before and After-school Programs
   for Urban Youth
Parent and Community Involvement
Safety, Security and Violence

UEF21 is examining the impact of these trends on school facility design and redesign. Read Schoolhouse Journal and CEFPI publications, participate in UEF21 and CEFPI workshops and conferences and visit www.cefpi.com.

Please join us and participate immediately and directly in the important and rewarding work of UEF21 and our many partners.

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