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School House Journal, Volume 2 Issue 1     2/20/99

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SHJournal 1, 12/99
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January 29 REGION: Conference ’99 Planning Meeting: John Stana, President; Boston, MA @ Waltham Westin Hotel

January 29   UEF-NE: ADVOCACY Committee Planning Meeting: Chair: Laura Wernick; Boston, MA @ Waltham Westin Hotel

February 15  International UEF Symposium (I-UEF-S): Publish Program & Logo for Event Oct. 29, 30 & 31 Chair: Dr. Yale Stenzler Program: Edward Kirkbride

February 15  UEF-NE: "School House Journal" Vol. 2 Issue 1: Editor: Prakash Nair; Publish; Mail & Distribute

February 24  UEF-NE: RESEARCH Committee Seminar: Baltimore, MD Requested by Ed Kirkbride w/ Dr. Sam Springfield, Center for Social Organization of Schools, Johns Hopkins University;

February 26  UEF-NE: TECHNOLOGY Committee Planning Mtg. New York, NY Chair: Robert Kirkbride @ Columbia University Teachers College / Dr. Robbie McClintock

February 26-27 Acoustical Society of America (ASA): Workshop on Classroom Acoustics New York, NY; Presenter: David Anstrand, R.A. @ The City University of New York Graduate Center

March 4 UEF-NE: TRAINING Committee Planning Mtg. Newark, NJ Chair: Sean O’Donnell @ New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) w/ Urs Gauchat, Dean, School of Architecture; Planning for Chapter Annual Conference September 17 & 18 @ NJIT

March 26 Region: Conference ’99 Final Planning Meeting President: John Stana; Boston, MA @ Waltham Westin Hotel

March 26 UEF-NE: ADVOCACY Committee Planning Meeting Chair: Laura Wernick; Boston, MA

April 8 UEF-NE: Committee Reports DUE FROM EACH COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN; E-mail to: Edward E. Kirkbride (eek@bee.net)


April 11 Southwest Region April 25 Southern Region

April 18 Southeast Region April 28 Mid West / Great Lakes Region

April 22 Northeast Region July 18 Pacific Northwest Region

April 15 UEF-NE: "School House Journal " Volume 2 Issue 2 : Editor: Prakash Nair

April 22-24 NE Region Conference: John Stana, President Boston, MA @ Waltham-Westin Hotel; Opening Speaker: Prakash Nair Session & Panel: Joyce Lee: "Sustainable Urban Schools "

April 24 UEF-NE Chapter Report to the NE Region: by each Comm. Chair & Edward Kirkbride, President

May 11 New England School Development Council (NESDEC): One Day School Facilities Conference; Sturbridge, MA Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center (1-800-582-3232)

May 15 CEFPI Board of Directors Meeting: Baltimore Regency Hyatt President: Dr. William Maclay

May 16-18 CEFPI 1999 Educational Facilities Academy: Shippensburg University Shippensburg, PA; Director: Dr. James Ryland Contact: CEFPI Headquarters: (602) 948-2337

May 21 Region: Conference ’99 Post Analysis & Pre-Planning 2000 @ NJIT Newark, New Jersey Chair: John Stana, President Dr. Lorraine Maxwell, President Elect

May 21 UEF-NE: Chapter Annual Conference ’99 Planning Meeting President: Edward Kirkbride; Newark, New Jersey @ NJIT Training Committee Chair: Sean O’Donnell

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