Randall Fielding, Summary of Publications
Philosophy and Qualifications for Planning and Design Services, Fielding/Nair International

The articles listed below are Fielding's most frequently-referenced publications. Most of the articles were featured simultaneously in print in School Construction News and online at designshare.com. A number of the articles were also republished in other venues, both online and in print, including the Paris-based PEB Exchange, a division of  the international Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

What Can $3.6 Billion Buy? Los Angeles School Construction Has a Choice
Building schools quickly and efficiently: are they the right schools?
By Randall Fielding, February 2004

Providing "ngapartji ngapartji," Introduction and Commentary, the 2003 Awards for Innovative Learning Environments, September 2003

Personalized Learning in a Global Context, An exploration of technology-enhanced learning methods at MIT, Cambridge, along with a commentary on the global implications. June 2002

Educational Specifications Forum, A controversial exploration of the role of
Ed Specs, Randall Fielding, June 2002

Designing a High School for Collaborative, Project-based Learning
A summary of key design features supporting collaborative learning, utilizing the design for
Harbor City International School as an illustration. June 2002

Innovative Learning Environments
This publication and Web site was produced under contract with the American Institute of Architects, Committee on Architecture for Education, and sponsored by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities. The Web site (also produced as a CD-ROM) is a summary of a conference in Amsterdam, as well as an interactive forum on "watershed" issues in planning. Web design and reporting by Randall Fielding, with Sarah Malone, January 2001

Lighting The Learning Environment
An introduction to current issue in lighting as they apply to learning environments including full-spectrum lamps, direct/indirect lighting and light reflectance values. June, 2000

Wired Versus Wireless
An online debate on technology in school computer networks between network expert Glenn Meeks and wireless advocate Prakash Nair. December 1999

Planning the Learning Community
An interview with Steven Bingler and an exploration of planning methodologies for shared use facilities and community consensus building. August 1999

The Death of the Classroom
An interview with Roger Schank, director of Northwestern University's Institute for Learning Sciences; includes a summary and illustrations of his findings as they apply to learning environments. May, 1999

High Performance Schools: A Web of Relationships
Course presentation on designing sustainable, high performance school buildings
University Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering. May 12, 2003