Randall Fielding, Recent Projects
Philosophy and Qualifications for Planning and Design Services, Fielding/Nair International

Harbor City International School, Honor Award 2002. A public charter high school in Duluth, Minnesota. Referred to in an article published in Education Week as "A new paradigm school."

Yeshiva Elementary School, Impact on Learning and Honor Awards 2002. A private K-8 school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Described in a review by critic Whitney Gould as "a child's dream."

High School for Recording Arts, New Project. A public charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Currently in design--a high school about hope, hip-hop and lifelong learning.

TakingItGlobal, Merit Award 2002. In collaboration with Prakash Nair. Prototype designs for technology-rich, global youth learning centers. Taking cyber cafes to the next level--building learning communities for teenagers.

Willow River Elementary, In partnership with Johnson Controls. Master Plan and Schematic Design for a public school in Hudson, Wisconsin. Site and building redesign to convert a "white elephant" to a high performance school.

Avalon School, Designed for Project-Based Learning. A public charter high school in St. Paul, Minnesota, designed for collaborative learning.

Yeshiva Elementary
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Harbor City School

High School for Recording Arts