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Kristen and ArchNewsNow continues to provide great news hints. Case in point, this story out of Philly where new urbanism might be making ’school’ forgotten community resource. An excerpt:

Every week in Philadelphia seems to bring another condo proposal. By the end of the decade, booming Center City could be home to 10,000 new people. We know where those residents will live. We can guess where they will shop, dine and park their cars. But has anyone thought about where they might send their children to school? Not yet.

The same market frenzy that has sent Center City real estate prices through the stratosphere is also stressing the area’s well-regarded charter and private schools, which supplement the public schools. With new residents pouring in, schools such as Independence Charter School and the Philadelphia School are seeing enrollment applications soar. They are desperate to expand into new space - if only they could afford it. Yet, despite the public service they provide, the public sector hasn’t exactly rushed to their aid.

Just the opposite. Rather than give these two schools preference when public property in Center City has come up for sale, their government owners have behaved more like private landlords. Like everyone else, they are trying to cash in on the boom. Such short-term thinking might look good on the account books, but it threatens to compromise Center City’s desirability. Unless Philadelphia provides schools, parks and recreation to go along with all the new housing, Center City is in danger of becoming a bland ghetto of the wealthy and childless.

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