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« Are Nature-Oriented Campuses too ‘Expensive’ to Design?

We were reminded of an ahead-of-the-curve article previously published here at DesignShare — “Wired vs. Wireless” – after reading a recent article at Education Week entitled “Technology Upgrades Prompt Schools to Go Wireless”:

As educational software and web sites become increasingly rich in multimedia, and more schools adopt one-to-one laptop computer initiatives, districts are turning to high-speed wireless networks to make better use of that software and bandwidth-heavy interactive Web sites.

Students and educators want the “bigger pipes” the newer wireless networks provide, which is one reason why both K-12 and higher education are in the forefront of this technology trend, according to experts such as Rachna Ahlawat. She is a research director with the Gartner Group, a Stamford, Conn.-based firm specializing in information technology research.

The new networks can handle the plethora of wireless devices, such as personal digital assistants and Voice over Internet Protocol phones—telephones that convert analog audio signals to digital data, then transmit that over the Internet—that educators now use, Ms. Ahlawat said.

“Education is one of the biggest [markets] for wireless right now,” she said.

Perhaps the vision of the “Wired vs. Wireless” article is alive and well afterall!

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