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« New “Great Schools By Design” Video: Denver School of Science and Technology

Seems, perhaps, that there might be a compelling conversation in the world of education’s future brewing in the pages of Time Magazine this week. Something that not only seems to be pushing past the traditional ’standards’ sound byte, but something which may have implications for those of us in the school design community as well.

Entitled “How to Build A Student for the 21st Century” (this is the summary version; full article available to suscribers or the newstand) the article offers up 4 key points that seem to leapfrog over the oft-heard issues of math/science scores, testing, etc.:

  • Knowing more about the world.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Becoming smarter about new sources of information.
  • Developing good people skills.
  • Might be worth exploring how the ideas in this article might have an impact on the way we imagine engaging learning environments that are appropriately aligned for the ‘future of learning’ (as opposed to the schoolhouse of the past).

    And if you still haven’t seen Karl Fisch’s “2020 Vision” video presentation that takes a creative look at the high school graduates in the year 2020, this might be a great 1-2 punch to provoke your team’s thinking! We highlighted Fisch’s video, as well as a school design conversation it sparked, recently here.

    Your thoughts?

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