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Archive for September, 2008
2008 DesignShare Awards Announced September 8th, 2008

Schools all over the world are being reinvented to meet the needs of an ever-changing global economy. The world is shrinking; knowledge is no longer a commodity restricted to the privileged. Developing nations are accessing the information superhighway and have passed some of the super powers. Corporations are consolidating globally and outsourcing to locations with large skilled labor forces.

The goal of the DesignShare Awards is to find those learning environments that meet at the crossroads of innovative design and pioneering educational programs. Three Patterns of Innovation stick out this year: School as the Real-World, Community Involved in the Design Process, and Sustainable Design.

The 2008 winning projects include:
2 Honor Awards
8 Merit Awards
4 Citation Awards
14 Recognized Value Awards

Go to the homepage to see the award winners, commentary and review team for 2008.

Tiffany Green
Director of Communications

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