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Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century

a review by Randall Fielding

This documentary film about digital media and education will air Sunday February 13th, on PBS:

Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century takes viewers to the frontlines of what is rapidly becoming an education revolution. The film, targeted at parents, teachers, and anyone concerned about education in America, explores how exceptional educators are increasingly using digital media and interactive practices to ignite their students’ curiosity and ingenuity, help them become civically engaged, allow them to collaborate with peers worldwide, and empower them to direct their own learning.

See the show open here.

“This video poses and answers essential questions about the capacity of the United States to stay competitive in the next 20 years. Do we have the know-how and funds to turn around a failing public education system? Will less advantaged students be limited to an education in the basics and to lower paid service jobs, or will all students have the opportunity to learn how to learn, to become creative producers, innovators, and vital participants in the global economy?

As the story hip hops across the streets of new learning environments in the US, a wonderfully hopeful answer emerges. We know how to include everyone and it doesn’t require more funding. Everyone has interests and passions, and it is the job of teachers, parents, community members, museum curators, and librarians to help each leaner find their interests.

Once engaged, we know how to arm learners with the skills to discover resources and learn, using inexpensive technologies like cell phones and with the help of the local community. Expensive and deadening tests can be replaced with a self-paced progression through the levels of mastery found in games.

We don’t need larger budgets or more teachers–rather, we need to engage students instead of boring them.”

- Randall Fielding, Fielding Nair International

February 11th, 2011

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