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MediaSnackers Podcast: Henry Jenkins Interview"

In this podcast installment, MediaSnackers’ founder, DK, interviews Henry Jenkins about the growing divide between young people and educators/youth professionals, and the state of youth technology usage that is quickly evolving into a “convergence culture”.

Henry Jenkins is an internationally recognized media expert, as well as the founder of the Comparative Media Studies at MIT and the author of Convergence Culture..

This audio file has now been removed and is now only available on the here.

0.00—0.10 Intro
0.11—0.49 Henry tells us about his role at MIT
0.50—3.33 the current youth media climate
3.34—2.30 growing divide between young people and educators/youth professionals
5.13—7.08 media literacy vs digital literacy
7.09—8.59 the expectations of the ‘convergence culture’ with young people
9.00—11.06 the future of media
11.07—11.22 Thanks and outro

Note: MediaSnackers ‘podcasts focus on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion. Check out the rest of their podcast interviews here!

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Interviewer Info:

DK, the founder of MediaSnackers, is the interviewing voice behind this MediaSnackers podcast interview.

He will be working with DesignShare starting in April, 2007 to produce a series of podcast interviews with leading voices in the field of school design, education, technology, new media, and so much more!

Contact Info:

You can reach DK through the contact page on the MediaSnackers website.

MediaSnackers Info:

MediaSnackers is a strategic consulting firm unifying youth initiatives and corportate organizations in the exploration of new media/technology. Starting out as an organization passionate about how young people consume and create media across the globe, the team’s expertise focuses on empowering young people and learners of all ages throughthe emergence of new technologies. With a global-view and a passion for learning (enabling others through exclusive new media training), MediaSnackers explores the impact the technology-rich landscape and always-on generation is having and going to have on the future of education.

In addition to hosting and participating in a wide array of international youth, technology, and education conferences, the MediaSnackers group hosts a widely subscribed report/blog, podcasts, and vodcasts that explore the new youth-created media projects around the world. The team grew out of UK-based Phatgnat, a consulting/research firm well-known for an exclusive annual research project exploring the motivating factors behind young peoples purchasing decisions and if a brand’s community activities has an influence on the youth demographic.

MediaSnacker works with the BBC and a host of UK/European organizations passionate about emerging trends in the youth sector. Contact DK to inquire about opportunities to tap further into the MediaSnackers network.

March 17th, 2007

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