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Most Popular Articles and Research:

Design Features for Project-Based Learning - Research by Susan J. Wolff, Ed.D., February 2002.

A detailed study including a synthesis of 32 design features of the physical learning environment that support and enhance collaborative, project-based learning

Innovative Pedagogy and School Facilities - Case Study by Elliot Washor, 2003.

The story of the MET School in Rhode Island — a drama, history, doctoral thesis, and design manifesto. "This 100-page book is a must-read for anyone interested in beating the odds to create an innovative school."

Learning, Lighting and Color: Lighting Design for Schools and Universities in the 21st Century. - Article by Randall Fielding, AIA, 2006

Excerpt: “The desire for a broad spectrum of light and color is consistent with a more holistic curriculum — one that takes into account a variety of learning styles and modalities. We all learn differently and at different times. We need a variety of lighting levels and qualities and colors of light.”

Flexible School Facilities - Article by Frank Locker PhD, AIA, with Steven Olson AIA.

"While a ‘glove fit’ between programs and facilities is often a design goal, flexibility for the future is better served by the metaphor of a mitten."

But Are They Learning? - Article by Prakash Nair, May 2002.

School Buildings: The Important Unasked Questions

The L-Shaped Classroom: A Pattern for Promotional Learning” - Article by Peter C. Lippman


DesignShare publications are submitted by designers, university professors, architects, planning consultants, educators, technologists, futurists, and ecologists. Publications include podcasts, detailed case studies, conference proceedings, interviews, original research, editorials, thesis projects, and practical design guidelines.


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