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Contact Catherine Roberts-Martin, Media Coordinator at to share your ideas or ask questions about any potential submissions.



DesignShare publishes articles by a wide variety of professionals, including designers, futurists, university professors, policy experts, architects, planning consultants, community activists, educators, technology experts, administrators, engineers, ecologists, etc.

Our goal is to share passionate/expert voices and to expand the DesignShare network at the same time. The more “designing for the future of learning” advocates the better!

We’re always looking for co-bloggers, too.


Publications include detailed project case studies, podcast interviews, blog entries, book/research reviews, conference reflections, original research, “big picture” editorials, videos, practical design guidelines, student thesis projects and research, etc.

Imagine that “school design” is the conversational spark that brings everyone to the table. What we’re interested in is where the most innovative conversation that starts with school design eventually takes us in the end!

Publications should be focused on innovative links between school design and the future of learning. We are not strictly a “building envelope” or “how to build” focused team, although these are obviously critical elements of the larger school design process…and do account for a percentage of what we publish here.

Focus, Voice & Attitude:

As Shakespeare once wrote, “Arm me with audacity.” Ultimately, big ideas count at DesignShare, even if they may be controversial.

We prefer to publish provocative pieces rather that will spark debate rather than ’safe’ pieces that say what everyone agrees with. Likewise, we are comfortable publishing pieces that we may individually disagree with in part/full, but allow the opportunity to explore other sides or play devil’s advocate as well.


DesignShare considers written, recorded (MP3 podcast files), and video resourcesare.

In fact, we are moving more and more into various multi-media formats to support our extensive written collection of research/articles.

Partners/Press Releases:

No press releases accepted.

Occasionally a DesignShare publication is sponsored by a DS partner, but the publication itself is written by an industry expert outside the firm.

We currently accept no advertising for any articles. We do, however, reserve the right to associate key sponsors/partners with specific published content.

Additionally, we occasionally publish case studies written by members of the design team itself, we ask that the piece be focused in unexpected ways (rather than just the ‘building form’) to support the tagline: “Designing for the future of learning.” In these situations, DesignShare usually solicits the article rather than accepting outside submisisons.


In general, we are more interested in quality/innovation, rather than the # of pages. In general, however, here are 2 guides for you:

Written pieces up to 20 pages considered with DS having the right to edit to fit web site as needed.

Recorded pieces (podcasts, videos, etc.) up to 1 hour with clear time-stamping of key elements/sections.


DesignShare never request payment or pays for any published content.


Original research, editorials, case studies, interviews, etc. preferred but not demanded.

DesignShare has long held a co-publication relationship with a wide array of organizations, media partners, and authors. Often you’ll see that something published at DS has been co-published elsewhere (vice versa). Ideally, we seek to promote great ideas and great organizations that support them as well. We’re open to your ideas. We’ll always do our best to “drive traffic” to your site and organization if we co-publish anything you’ve written/created.

If we are asked by another party to co-publish a piece on their site (etc.), we will instruct them to contact the original source for permission and to cross-link back to DesignShare as well. Again, our goal is to promote great ideas…but within the expectations of all contributors.


We reserve the right to edit and publish all content as appropriate to consistency with DesignShare web links and pages and changing publication requirements.

Likewise, DesignShare reserves the right to remove all content (permanently or for a set time period) on the DesignShare site based on storage, content, theme, or accuracy.


DesignShare publications are submitted by designers, university professors, architects, planning consultants, educators, technologists, futurists, and ecologists. Publications include podcasts, detailed case studies, conference proceedings, interviews, original research, editorials, thesis projects, and practical design guidelines.


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