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Design Awards: Overview

Please stay tuned for future Awards information.

The Awards Program is one of the world’s most widely recognized programs focusing on the design of innovative learning environments…where the focus truly is all about learning!

We are proud to have been sponsored by HermanMiller and VS America, as well as working with our media partners School Construction News, Edutopia (George Lucas Educational Foundation), and UK-based SchoolsforLife to showcase the collection of award-winning projects from around the globe.


Alternative Learning Centers | Early Childhood Programs

Elementary Schools | Middle Schools | High Schools | Higher Education


This assemblage of projects is not a fashion show showcasing the ‘look’ of the building. This program searches the globe for examples of innovation that remind us why school buildings and campuses exist in the first place: learning! More importantly, we focus how we design for the ever-changing future of learning and larger community connections.

The DesignShare Awards program is unique in many ways because it extends well beyond the architecture itself. It focuses:

  • first on learning
  • second on the learners
  • third on how the built or natural environment provides rich learning opportunities.

Since 2000, the program has been doing this by challenging traditional standards and committing to learner-centered, cost-efficient and sustainable learning environments. It has documented hundreds of innovative school designs from 20 countries — all available online.


Design professionals and their educational partners from around the world share projects in the form of detailed plans, narratives, furniture layouts, cost data and photographs of their work.

Design firms share their work to help clients learn about their approach, and to foster collaboration with other professionals. The competitive model of the past has given way to an age of collaboration. Sharing one’s work in an international forum opens the doors to new team synergies, project opportunities and innovative approaches.


First and foremost, we welcome innovative projects from all parts of the world. To do so, we try to take down all barriers to entry for international firms and not-for-profit organizations. Ask us about our various registration fee levels. Ultimately, the goal is to sharing great solutions and getting as many projects introduced as possible!


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Please note that DesignShare does not own the rights to most of the images on our web site. If you want to use an image in your own work, you must contact the architectural design firm directly in order to get permission.

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