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Design Awards: Submittal Requirements

Each project must submit the following information, content, images, and files:


The narrative will answer two questions:

  • What exemplary ideas do the designs contain that enhance learning?
  • What innovations in the planning, programming and design process supported the realization of those exemplary ideas.

Note: The review team will rate a “lessons learned” approach more highly than a “selling our school” approach. The text may include up to 500 words (maximum of 3,750 characters, including spaces).


This text is to be completed by an educator other than the facility planner or architect.

The educator is to describe the key ideas about learning underlying the facility, along with the goals for the environment. If the project is complete and in operation, this narrative should address how well these ideas are working. The review team will rate a “lessons learned” approach more highly than a “selling our school” approach. The text may include up to 500 words (maximum of 3,750 characters, including spaces).


Applicants will be asked for data regarding the size, cost, team contacts, and major products utilized. Size and cost data will be in U.S. equivalents; a free on-line conversion tool will be available.


Each applicant will be asked to identify one individual as the key point of contact for the application process; an alternate person may be listed as the key contact for publication purposes later on. Space will be provided for detailed address and contact information for both the school and lead applicant planning firm. The planning applicant and school may list up to five team member and titles; one should be identified as the contact person for publication purposes.


Applicants may provide up to eight images. Each applicant is asked to select images that best support the exemplary ideas that their design contains that enhance learning.

Suggested Options Images (up to 8″X10″ or 10″X8″):

  • Each image must have a short title (one or two words), which will appear on a menu of images.
  • Each image should also have a caption of up to 30 words (225 characters, including spaces).
  • Site Plan and or Context Diagram:

  • Main Floor Plan
  • Upper Level Floor Plan (if applicable)
  • Furniture Plan (strongly encouraged; may be incorporated into a floor plan)
  • Building Section
  • Interior or Exterior Photos or Renderings (photos with people using the space strongly encouraged)
  • At the applicant’s option, any image may actually be a collage of images, provided that it is submitted as a single image file.
  • In addition to these eight images, applicants are given the option to provide a Plan Diagram in the DesignShare format. [see below]


    A unique feature of DesignShare since its launch in 1998 has been the color-coded plan diagram language. Diagrams allow non-design professionals to quickly ascertain the key features and organizational of a design. The diagrams also allow viewers to scan a large number of designs rapidly, and to perceive patterns, a key feature in innovation. Applicants will receive guidelines for preparing a diagram, which may be created in any standard CAD or drawing program.

    Note: In 2008, submitting the Plan Diagram is optional for each team.


  • Each applicant will upload electronic data and images files directly to DesignShare’s Web database starting March 1, 2008.
  • You will be provided with step-by-step instructions (no experience necessary).
  • You can preview your submittal on the Web and make revisions before submitting it for review.
  • DesignShare provides free support via e-mail or phone.

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    Please note that DesignShare does not own the rights to most of the images on our web site. If you want to use an image in your own work, you must contact the architectural design firm directly in order to get permission.

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