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Randy Fielding Bio

Randall Fielding, AIA
Founder & Editorial Director, DesignShare
Partner, Fielding Nair International

One of Randy’s “signatures” is his ability to come down off of the podium, sharing ideas with heads of state, educators, and children with equal passion. This spirit of sharing extends to two million people each year, through, the online forum for innovative learning environments that Randy founded in 1998. He continues to serve as DesignShare’s editorial director, but the focus of his work is in helping communities plan and design effective environments for lifelong learning.

Randall Fielding, AIA, is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Fielding Nair International, LLC (FNI), an award-winning school planning and design firm with offices in Minneapolis, Tampa, and Madison and consultations in 20 states around the U.S. and 18 countries on five continents. Randy oversees FNI’s primary mission to improve learning by serving as a world leader in the creation of new and renovated facilities and educational campuses that are in consonance with established best practice and research.

Randy’s achievements have earned him more than a dozen design awards for his work as an architect and planner on high performance projects that foster personalized learning, real-world connections, and small learning communities. He is internationally recognized as an authority on innovative school design and has been selected to serve as a consultant, presenter and/or keynote speaker in Azerbaijan, Australia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Great Britain, India, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Spain, and the United States.

Randy’s consulting work leverages more than 400 case studies from 30 countries — the largest library of innovative school designs in the world. The interactive planning and design process pioneered by FNI is also grounded in a seminal book that Randy co-authored with Prakash Nair, entitled The Language of School Design. The book establishes key learning modalities for success in the post-information society, and provides a series of design patterns to support these modalities. Randy uses the design patterns as a quantitative tool in evaluating existing and proposed facilities, and as a launching point for developing customized solutions for each individual community, campus, school or school district that he works with.

Teamwork underpins all of Randy’s work, which takes him around the world to collaborate with public institutions, educators, and architects. Whether it’s a high school near ground zero in New York City, a series of vocational schools for the tsunami-damaged areas of Sri Lanka, a pre-k to 8 school in Milwaukee, a top-ten high school in Chicago, a middle school in Salt Lake City, or a University in Australia, he finds more commonalties in each community than differences.

Randy inspires though storytelling, shares best practice, and strengthens the skills of other architects to produce the best possible solution within their budget and schedule constraints toward the creation of the most effective environments for lifelong learning.

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Media Coordinator
Catherine Roberts-Martin
Founder & Creative Director
Randall "Randy" Fielding
Managing Director
Prakash Nair

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