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Design Pattern: Designing for Multiple Intelligences

Designing for Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory says that all human beings possess eight “intelligences”, though not each of us is necessarily strong in all of them.

Designing for Multiple Intelligences The eight intelligences are:

    1. Linguistic (word smart)

    2. Logical/Mathematical (numbers smart)

    3. Musical (music smart)

    4. Bodily/Kinesthetic (sports/fitness smart)

    5. Spatial (picture/3D smart)

    6. Naturalist (nature smart)

    7. Interpersonal (social smart)

    8. Intrapersonal (self smart)

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Traditional Classroom

Learning Studio

Learning Suite

Small Learning Community

Welcoming Entry

Student Display Space

Home Base and Individual Storage

Physical Fitness

Science Labs, Art Labs, and Life Skills Areas

Art, Music, Performance

Casual Eating Areas


Interior and Exterior Vistas

Dispersed Technology

Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Furniture: Soft Seating

Flexible Spaces

Campfire Space

Watering Hole Space

Cave Space

Designing for Multiple Intelligences

Daylight and Solar Energy

Natural Ventilation

Full Spectrum Lighting

Sustainable Elements and Building as 3-D Text

Local Signature

Connected to the Community

Bringing It All Together

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