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11 of Becoming a DesignShare Partner in Education

Download the “Partners in Education” program Media Kit (PDF file) for full details.

1. Largest Visitor Base

No matter which segment of the educational facilities market you are trying to reach, DesignShare Foundation will get your message out there more effectively than any other competitor. Our visitor statistics are listed on page one. What all this means is that instead of reaching a few thousand people, your message will, instead be heard by millions.

2. Most Current Database

DesignShare Foundation’s e-Newsletters and announcements reach over 20,000 of the top decision-makers in Government and in the Education Planning, Architecture, Manufacturing and related industries. We take pride in keeping our lists updated on a regular basis.

3. More E-Newsletters

DesignShare Foundation’s increase in e-Newsletters, passionate columns, links to breaking news from the industry and research tidbits from the experts mean you’ll be better informed and better prepared.

4. Credibility Counts

Unlike blast junk emails that end up in trash cans, DesignShare Foundation’s reputation for quality established over 10 years means our emails get through—that means, your audience will hear exactly what you have to say.

5. Content is King

People come to DesignShare Foundation because we have the best content in the world when it comes to innovation in educational facilities. With hundreds of original case studies that can be found nowhere else and dozens of original articles on the latest trends in education and educational facilities, DesignShare Foundation expects to keep growing over the coming years.

6. Completely Retooled Website

Not only do we look different, but we are also better. With better search features, more original content and a worldwide cadre of professional members, DesignShare Foundation will continue to enjoy its #1 Industry position for innovation for many years to come.

7. Enhanced Profile Page

Every partner gets an enhanced profile page that is included in the online Design Directory. The enhanced profile page includes more photos, videos, and articles specifically aimed at marketing products and services.

8. Completely Searchable Directory and Research Archive Library

We have made it really easy for you to be found and noticed.

9. Market Association

Be associated with the world leader in educational facilities leadership. DesignShare has won 7 international awards for excellence and the accolades keep coming from technology and educational leaders everywhere.

10. Enhanced Archive Library

Find exactly what research, article, case study or blog entry you need in just seconds.

11. Benefit from Extensive Market Research / Project Library Access

As a Partner in Education, you will contribute to DesignShare’s important mission to continue its key role as the one-stop-shop for innovation, information, ideas, case studies, collaboration, research and access to educational facilities professionals and industry providers from every corner of the world. There is, literally, nowhere else in the world where this kind of information is freely accessible to all.


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Become a SPONSOR by Joining the “Partners in Education” Program.

(Please note that DesignShare does not own the rights to most of the images on our web site. If you want to use an image in your own work, you must contact the architectural design firm directly in order to get permission.)

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