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image Project: Desjardins Information Hub

Desjardins Information Hub


Renovation and transformation of the Shawinigan College library into the Desjardins Information Hub
Alternative Learning Environments

One word describes the idea, the essence of the educational and architectural project at the heart of the renovation and transformation of the Shawinigan College library into the Desjardins Information Hub: openness.

The library was already located at the heart of the College, but scarcely visible. The project’s educational and architectural approach was to create a true intersection of knowledge and learning centres.

The area is arranged around a central feature in the shape of a four-pointed star symbolising the dream of sucess as the four points are visible on the floor and ceiling indicating the main entrance, the view over the city and community, the library and media section and the teaching resources.

The Hub provides an up-to-date technological infrastructure. It is equipped with a wireless information network which allows students, teachers and staff with a suitably configured laptop to work on their projects in the comfort of the Hub.

The area is also equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-media room used for training in documentary research by students and in information technology by teachers ans staff, as well as being available for hire by firms in the community.

The design is based on a functional programme and an innovation method. The use of materials, shapes and colours and the interplay of space with the maximum use of natural light adds to the beauty of the area and the attraction of this unique community space. The pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency is the predominant element in the service provided to its users.

Grouping a set support and ancillary services in the same environment enhances its potential adaptability to accommodate all activities.

The state-of-the art computer equipment completes the mission of openness and accessibility to knowledge among the target users and the community.

This achievement was made possible thanks to the involvement of the community in the campaign to finance the Shawinigan College Foundation. The building of the Desjardins Information Hub was the major project of the campaign.

The terms which best characterize the effectiveness of the Hub are: accessibility, visibility, luminosity, dissemination, good content and infinite future possibilities.

Merit Award 2007




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