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image Project: Kindergarten #911

Kindergarten #911

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It is proposed that children learn playing with and in the places, the building forms in its interior and exterior and WITH THE BUILDING ITSELF, that they discover different textures, corners, etc., all the time.

That the building be at children scale, that it be fun and colorful, of story-book quality.

The school is designed by curved forms to contain the children. Those curves form different corners in all space.

A small amphitheater is used at story-telling time.

The ceiling here is lower and it is used for hanging mobiles and toys.
There are windows in the ceiling like a direct lighting fixture over the column (science tree).

Bottles and jars with lids are embedded in the walls so that the sun reflects through the glass with different lights. Things like toys, treasures ….

Honor Award 2006



Early Education

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