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image Project: Kindergarten #911

Kindergarten #911


Total Cost:
$ 310,300

Building Cost:
$ 260,300

Site Cost:
$ 50,000

Cost PSF:
$ 532

The goverment financing the construction of the school. The goverment pay U$S 500,--/m2. Project economics: Walls are built of 0,20m thick masonry of exposed common brick in both interior and exterior. In the children’s sectors: entrance gate, classrooms and MUR the roof is structured with forms. The structure of the Rooms are built with vaulted brick roofs with intermediate iron frames (losa catalana). The MUR has a ferro-cement structure, a 5cm shell of double iron and metal mesh and concrete. The floors of the rooms are in ceramic 0,20m x 0,20m red tile placed orthogonically. To solve the irregular shape of the rooms the same broken ceramic tile, is used towards the edges. Also, there are combinations of broken ceramic tile, pieces of mirrors and overlapping Pentagres in the

Honor Award 2006



Early Education

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