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image Project: OZW, a new faculty

OZW, a new faculty


A striking building houses the Health Care and Wellness Training Institute, an experimental collaboration of a whole range of health care courses at different educational levels. Unique in Holland, it is the first time that different schoollevels with the same schoolsubject as helathe and welness are housed in one building. Because of its size and scale, the building has become a robust presence on the university campus.

The design is a high-rise with atria flowing diagonally through it, like a waterfall. These openings tumble down from the south side of the building and ensure that the sunlight reaches the ground floor. In this way a compact building has been created, that does not make the users feel confined to a high-rise block. It was important that the building be a whole, with its own nature, yet at the same time allow the various departments to retain their own identity.

The building is organically shaped, which is more suitable for a health care facility than the harsh, straight lines in the existing environment. Sloping facades provide unexpected perspectives on all sides, and the vertical articulation of the windows makes the building appear to be rising up out of the ground. The atria windows are large, reflecting the studyscapes that lie behind them. In the evening especially, they make a spectacular sight.

Walking into the building, one is struck by the fact that it has a very transparent, open lower layer, the plinth. The most eye-catching element, however, is the lecture-room that is suspended in this space like a large oval volume. Symbolizing the discovery of the world, it is the heart of the building. Upstairs, the floors are arranged around the large open atria with the studyscapes inside them. The interior radiates openness, and colour was used to highlight a number of distinctive locations.

Honor Award 2007




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