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image Project: Park School: Katie's Corner Multisensory and Therapy Rooms

Park School: Katie's Corner Multisensory and Therapy Rooms


The school serves 70 students, ages 3 to 21, with physical and mental challenges, including about 20 students who attend the school from outside the district. The renovation features a 465 sf multisensory room and includes a sensory motor gym, a teacher’s office, a new ramp and a mechanical room.
Based on the Snoezelen concept, “Katie’s Corner” provides controlled multisensory stimulation for these children and adults who otherwise may be impossible to reach. Teachers utilize a multisensory experience or single sensory focus by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the specific needs of the student at the time of use.
The special design helps regulate behavior by providing a calming atmosphere to an agitated child or an alerting atmosphere to a lethargic child. There is clinical evidence that proper use of these spaces can reduce aggression and self-abusing behaviors and also lower blood pressure. The concept of helping students to become more cognitive in order to increase their learning potential has greatly impacted the special education arena.

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