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image Project: Resala Language School

Resala Language School


Educator Narrative

Based on my own studies and my experience in the filed of teaching, I believe that there is a great relationship between the School building condition and student achievement. As a user, below are some points that clarify my point of view.
One of the most important elements regarding the adequacy of the school building is the Health and the Safety of the students inside and outside the school building such as , potable water, fire safety, adequate lavatories, security systems, and a good
Communication system to use in emergencies. It goes without saying that in a school building where the students are safe, this will help them to spend a good deal of their time learning.
The second element is appropriate temperature and ventilation. Ample research evidence strongly indicates that poor air quality results in poor performance by students and workers. Hence, we have in our building two side ventilation.
Another element is the Light: the installation of proper lighting in the classrooms.
Persistent poor lighting can cause not only poor performance by students while in school, but can also affect the sight of the student for the rest of his/her life. When considering lighting in the classroom there are two factors to consider namely the quantity of light as measured in foot-candles and the quality of light. The quality of lighting refers to the
kind of lighting usually indicated fluorescent lighting
Specifically studies indicate natural lighting to have the most positive
Affect on student achievement that is the reason we have two sides Light in our classrooms.
Also, another element of importance would be adequate control of the acoustical environment. A number of studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between appropriate acoustical conditions and student achievement. In our building, students are able clearly listen each other and the teacher. This is a vital issue for the performance of the teacher and the student.
Out door and kids’ areas, hallways …etc are designed with care for the best use of students and staff.

What exemplary ideas do the designs contain that enhance learning?

To make maximum utilization of the site all requirements are grouped on a centralized 3-4 story high building.
The school building is divided into three learning suites linked to a shared facilities core. The shared facilities core resembles the public spaces and includes science & computer labs, library, administration, multipurpose hall, cafeteria, and gymnasium. The three learning suites are identified by different shapes, colors and heights and are divided into:
Kindergarten stage suite
Primary and elementary stages suite
Secondary stage suite

The classrooms of each suite are grouped around a multiuse common space which acts as the core of the building. This space provides a transitional area from the public areas and corridors to the private zone classrooms. They enhance formal and informal education, group activities, and an exchange place between different class times. The common area is furnished with multiuse tables (that can be adapted to various learning activities), informal sitting, notice boards, exhibition boards for student’s work, and internet access. The common area for the kindergarten suite is open directly to the outdoor play area encouraging the use of outdoor spaces for learning and playing.

The classrooms are designed to cope with modern educational theories. Light movable furniture is used to be relocated during the school day according to different teaching needs. The four walls of the classroom are used for teaching and working.

The school acts as a smart building. Most of the spaces in the school are Internet covered and linked with the school network. Data and information can be shared and used on personal basis, in small groups or demonstrated using data shows, which is provided in most of the spaces.

The classroom suites are designed as self sustained units. Each has its own support facilities (stairs, toilets, teacher’s rooms etc.) which helps enhancing the idea of learning suites besides responding to the client’s requirements to build the project on stages for gradual growth and the project’s limited budget.

The new shape and colors of the school is a fresh look for school buildings in Cairo, as opposed to typical school designs. As the project approaches its first year it has become a land mark of this new developed suburb of Cairo.

Recognized Value Award 2008




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