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image Project: Riverside Learning Center

Riverside Learning Center

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Architect Narrative

The campus master plan design extends this non-linear curriculum to the organization of the campus itself. The focus of the school — the Studio - is designed to be a simple flexible rectangle, a ‘blank canvas’ to be transformed by both the teacher and the students. Classroom Studios are grouped into Learning Villages with distinct educational themes and multi-age groups. These villages are linked through a ‘neural network’ of primary and secondary pedestrian pathways designed to encourage curiosity and invite investigation by the child. Landscape and hardscape features are conceived as extensions of the village and studio educational themes, which led to the non-hierarchical distribution of open space in the campus plan. A child’s path through the campus is intentionally indirect, meandering and filled with the opportunity for discovery.
The school is an innovative partnership of public and private agencies, with joint use educational and multicultural community facilities. The schools multi age instruction approach and innovative curriculum led to the flexibility in the design of studios. The interiors and exteriores are designed to invite imaginative interpretation by children at all stages of development, and abundant natural light, covered walkways and shading devices provide a coordinated indoor/outdoor learning envronment.

Merit Award 2002


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