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image Project: School of Art, Design & Media

School of Art, Design & Media

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Design Patterns

Welcoming Entry: The unfolding arms of 2 blocks create a welcoming entry court to the school. The double volume entry porch provides a sheltered drop-off for cars which is a necessary feature in this tropical climate. A landscaped round-about in this entry court provides a soft contrast to the predominantly glass and concrete surfaces in this area.

Student Display Space: The neutral coloured walls and the expanse of space in the school is a suitable backdrop for students to display their creative works. From the foyer to the galleries, corridors and double volume spaces, tall columns and large walls, these provide endless opportunities for students' creativity and activities.

Art, Music, Performance: The 450-seat auditorium is equipped with a large performance stage and support facilities and is the centre of the school. This is where students gather for lectures, talks, performances, debates and intellectual exchange.

Physical Fitness:

Transparency: The high volume spaces, the use of glass walls and the fluidity of the interiors give a high level of transparency and visibility throughout the building. This quality help a great deal to instill a sense of community to the staff and students.

Interior and Exterior Vistas: The organic shape of the building created by the 3 arms allows maximum frontages to the exterior. The various rooms provide extensive access for the students to visually and physically connect with the sunken plaza and the surrounding landscape.

Dispersed Technology: The school is IT intensive with wireless network capability in the whole building as well as high capacity computers in the animation studios. In the library, IT connects the students to the rest of the world.

Indoor-Outdoor Connection: Owing to the intertwining forms of the building and the predominantly glass facade, there are ample opportunities for users to look out towards the surrounding landscape. The strong connections between indoor and outdoor vistas are evident from the sunken plaza at the basement to the turfed roofs at the top.

Cave Space: A variety of spaces, some formal and some informal, both outdoor and indoor, are provided in the school as part of the overall design. These spaces, provide opportunities for students' exhibition and display, students' interaction, play, study, creative thinking and quiet contemplation. There is always a sense of discovery as one wanders through the school.

Daylight and Solar Energy: The glass cladded building allows daylight into the interiors. In the studios, the daylight helps to give true colour renderings for the students' works. Daylight that filter through the foliage and trees give a sense of calm to the users.

Sustainable Elements and Building as 3-D Text: The high performance glass facade cuts out the heat while letting in light into the interiors. This is to ensure that energy to run the air-conditioning of the building is reduced. The roofs which are entirely turfed with zoysia matrella grass provide excellent insulation to the spaces below. A water retention mat below the light weight soil helps to give a constant supply of moisture for turf growth. Rain water is also collected from the roofs and channelled into a storage tank for irrigation of the turf.

Local Signature: The building design is inspired by the rolling hills of the generally undulating topography and wooded environment of the campus. This sensitive execution of the form, together with the turfed roofs, help to merge the building with the landscape.

Connected to the Community: The school is located in the geographical heart of the 495-acre campus. Besides being an environmentally friendly building in that it sits quietly in the site, the turf roofs and the landscaped plaza have become a gathering space for other students in the campus, thereby promoting a sense of community.

Bringing It All Together: The school is designed with a certain fluidity in its spatial organisation. The entrance foyer connects to secondary spaces like the double volume atrium outside the auditorium and staff rooms; galleries, studios and library. These spaces flow from one to the other with the transparency offered by glass walls.

Honor Award 2007



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