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Innovative Learning Environments
The American Institute of Architects
Committee on Architecture for Education, Amsterdam 2000


"The enormous progress of information technology has made possible information searches from networks outside school, cooperation networks between schools and contacts with other partners and homes. Learning is no longer bound to time and place. Reino Tapaninen

Kuokkala School

"Creating single purpose spaces (math classroom, circulation corridor)
 is a barrier architecture, not an enabling architecture
." Bruce Jilk

Alpha High School
"Teachers use mobile carts as desks ... movable walls and furniture allow the staff and students to adjust the rooms to their needs. The building has student 'streets' instead of halls, with porches serving as entries to each neighborhood."


"Creating single-purpose spaces (math classroom, circulation corridor)
 is a barrier architecture, not an enabling architecture
." Bruce Jilk

Heinavaara School

"Learning is the 'glue' of livable communities. Quality of relationships advance as we move from information to knowledge to understanding." Jim Dyck
Workshop on Location

"...size has long been used interchangeably with scale, size is just one characteristic of scale. Scale is also defined by its context, its pattern of parts, its syntax."
Pam Loeffelman. 
Workshop on Scale

"Diversity in places for learning is an absolute necessity."
Jan Wagemakers, Jeff Lackney, Elly Reinders
Workshop on Space

"The learning process enables people to be effective in their work, families, and communities. This context, however, is in constant flux. ...the more we move toward virtual reality, the more we need context."
Lia Burger, William Bradley
Workshop on Context

Bruce Jilk
Jury Chair

Pam Loeffelman

Joe Nathan

Prakash Nair

Time is a critical component that shapes educational systems and school buildings. However, it is an element whose impact is rarely considered."
Prakash Nair, Hans van Aalst Workshop on Time

"The use of community and other facilities will also allow for tremendous economies in the development of our future schools." Gaylaird Christopher Workshop on Cost